NOENCO - Nordic Energy Consulting

NOENCO offers efficient and highly advanced technical engineering, within energy consulting.
We specialize within energy optimization, energy conversions and energy management.
Fishing Trawler-segment
Pelagic Fishing vessels
Passenger ships and ferries

Process Industry
Energy Production
Food Industry

NOENCO provides linkage with the NOx-Fund and ENOVA-Fund, granting energy subsidies upon application.

NOENCO provides and works with the Danish Energy-Fund on projects solved within Denmark.

Our team of engineers and marine engineers will specify and uncover the full 'energy-potential'‚Äč of your business and vessel.

NOENCO contributes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by assisting your business obtaining and developing in a sustainable way, both economically, socially and environmentally.

We are based in Skagen, DK and in Kristiansand, NO


Contact information

Fiskergangen 12B
9990 Skagen

Tel.:   0045-61667748


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